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Innovative technological integration for the recycling of fine metal residues of industrial origin.

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AIT Europa Engineering designs
a new concept of recycling

AIT Clean-Tech Recycling Centers are the development objective of our company. The integrated technological innovations make it possible to develop recycling activities of fine metal residues of industrial origin, without generating any waste. AIT Clean-Tech Recycling Center is an unprecedented technological solution that enables a true and complete Circular Economy

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AIT Clean-Tech Recycling Center
For a more sustainable tomorrow

A valuable partner for smart
environmental solutions

AIT Europa Engineering is a company specialized in the creation of innovative high-efficiency technological systems for the recovery and treatment of waste streams from the mining and industrial production of metals, converting a potentially dangerous waste into a valuable raw material or by-product. The study and implementation of cutting-edge technologies in the field of industrial metabolism make AIT Europa Engineering a world reference for the metallurgical sector. In fact, mines and metallurgical industries generate large quantities of waste, in different forms, such as dust, fine, slag, etc., whose recovery, treatment or disposal is difficult and expensive. The Cleantech® technology of AIT Europa Engineering applied to electric arc furnaces is able to transform a large number of fine metal processing waste into raw materials with high added value.

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Designing and achieving
a green world

AIT Europa Engineering proposes an innovative method for the treatment of such waste, through the creation of Recycling Centers made up of cutting-edge technologies: the “Clean-Tech Recycling Center”. Thanks to the integration of the AITEE Cleantech® EAF with the Ezinex process and the mineral wool production line, the "Clean-Tech Recycling Center" recovers up to 97% of the metals contained in the inorganic fines and steel residues (EAFDust) produced by steel mills. The system is also applicable to the ferroalloy, aluminum and mining sectors, creating a circular economy, without generating waste. AIT Europa Engineering wishes to become a strong, cost-effective and valuable partner for intelligent environmental solutions.

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Eco-innovation for
environment protection

The Clean-Tech Recycling Center process transforms EAFDust, classified as special hazardous waste (CER 10.02.07), into raw materials and final pruduct. This solutions is economically sustainable, creates a circular economy and has a positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions.
AIT Europa Engineering's Clean-Tech Recycling Center limits and / or eliminates negative effects on the environment:

  • Reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

  • It does not generate liquid waste.

  • It does not generate bad smells.

  • Reduces noise emissions.

  • It has a low impact on transport.

  • Avoids the use of the soil.

The AIT EA furnaces and the integrated Clean-Tech Recycling Center process are an eco-innovation that, when applied, raises the level of environmental protection established by European regulations.

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Integrated technologies:
the future of EAFDs recycling

One of a kind, AIT EE Clean Tech Recycling Center is the new industrial process applied to Steel EAFDs, capable of fully recovering metals without generating waste, through the use of:

  • Cleantech® EA Furnace (pyrometallurgical process), which recovers all ferrous metals;

  • Ezinex technology by Engitec Technologies Spa (hydrometallurgical process), which recovers the zinc contained in the secondary bag-house dust of generated by the Cleantech®;

  • Fiber Line for the transformation of inorganic lava produced by Cleantech® EA Furnace into mineral wool mattresses.

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Our innovative system
is now available

With our integrated Clean-Tech technology, the metallurgical and mining industries can now exploit fine metal waste, eliminating all problems related to their disposal. Toxic wastes such as stainless steel EAFDs can be transformed into ferroalloy ingots. No toxic waste is produced during the smelting process: the slag is an inert material suitable for use as a by-product in the production of rock wool or cement, the secondary bag-house dust has a high concentration of ZnO and can be processed by the Ezinex.
The Clean-Tech process does not release any pollutants. The heart of the technology is represented by an AC furnace and two technological innovations that allow the direct melting of inorganic powders: the
Digital Impedance Regulator (DIR), which controls the electric power absorption of the furnace and the Thermodynamic Model (TM), which calculates the recipe of reagents to be added to the powder to maximize metal recovery.

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