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Cleantech® technology
Heart of the Enexal Project

The ENEXAL project took place at the ALSA industrial site in Agios Nikolaos - Greece, starting from 28 May 2010 and ended on 27 May 2014. The EU Commission contributed to the realization of the project with a grant of approximately 5,000,000 Euros and recognized and certified the results in November 2014.

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The ENEXAL Project
In summary

The aim of the project was to provide the aluminum industry with "green" technologies aimed at a significant increase in the energy efficiency of the production process, a substantial reduction in atmospheric emissions and the elimination of solid waste (red sludge).

AIT's Cleantech technology has been successfully used to recycle red sludge. The project has shown that the EAF Cleantech transform solid waste such as red sludge or steel mill dust into an inert by-product that can be used as a raw material for the production of mineral wool and at the same time recovers all the metals in the form of ingots, which can be used. by steel companies in the steel production process.


The Enexal Project was led by a consortium made up of European companies and universities including:



ALSA (Alouminion AE- Coordinator)

NTUA (Technical University of Athens)

RWTHA (Rhine-Westphalia Technical University)

ETHZ (Faculty of Engineering, University of Zurich)

SIRMIUM STEEL (steel mill)


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